Reward Active Employees and Members

Healthier Employees, Healthier Members, Healthier Results.

Why our product is the best

We believe in creating a healthier environment, simply by providing the technology to track active lifestyle movements. Our fitness industry knowledge and experience combined with our top-notch technological features, puts us in a category of our own. We provide you with detailed accurate data to calculate individual and team rewards, real-time dashboard analytics and our Fitness Challenges will engage your employees/members as well as stimulate their continued participation in an active lifestyle.


Create a wellness culture around everyone’s different definition of a healthy active lifestyle.

Activity Analysis

Access to our real-time dashboard will provide a live feed of your summarized data.


MOVEment + I AM = Rewards

The Right Employee Programs

Our programs are highly personalized meeting your employees where they are in terms of their current health, goals and motivation. Using leading wellness science and technology, our solutions are personalized, fun and drive high levels of engagement and proven results. Delivered in the form of challenges, IAM programs stay fresh and appealing to a wide range of employee over multiple years.

  • Health and Wellness Assessments
  • Personal Wellness Coaching
  • Fitness and Activity Programs
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Weight Loss and Body Composition Programs
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management
  • Happiness
  • Disease Management Programs
  • Financial Wellness

  • Engagement = Real Results

    Great results and outcomes start with great engagement. And, engagement doesn’t just mean signing up. It means actually adopting healthy behaviors. Whether your organization is just beginning to implement employee wellness, or if you’ve been at it for years, IAM’s flexible and powerful mobile first platform will drive impressive employee engagement.

      IT'S PERSONAL. Every employee receives a personal program as unique as they are. When your plan is right for your current health and your goals, it’s much more likely to be followed.
      MOTIVATION IS KEY. IAM uses the latest in psychology to inspire and motivate individuals to adopt healthy habits.
      KEEP IT FUN. The IAM platform incorporates many fun and social elements including team participation, challenges, rewards and recognition.
      THE RIGHT INCENTIVES. IAM will help you develop and communicate engagement based incentives that will drive participation and accountability while supporting your unique culture.
      PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY. The heart of IAM’s platform is the technology that pulls it all together and seamlessly delivers an enterprise wide employee wellness solution that will produce healthier and happier employees.

    Technology and Data Analytics

    Our mobile technology makes wellness personal, fun, social and engaging for employees. Based upon their goals, your employees personal programs and recommendations will be easily followed and tracked using the latest mobile and fitness devices. We create a personalized experience that meets your employees where they in their well-being journey.

    Our Wellness Coaches are monitoring employee engagement in real time and are providing powerful motivation and education based upon real activity such as heart rate during exercise and meal information. This coaching feedback provides accountability and drives deep connections and real results.

    Our account specialists are monitoring all aspects of the program’s data insuring engagement, utilization, produc

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